Internet Marketing

Social Media are web and mobile based software/technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organisations, communities and individuals or simply put they mediate human communication.

People's habits are changing, they are spending more time on digital devices than TV, consuming increasing amounts of media on the go, and even suffering from a fear of being offline. We now manage our personal lives through personal devices, and we expect everything on those devices.

We at Silky I.T. Production are using Social Media to grow many businesses in Ghana by identifying the right target audience and providing a huge exposure via the following services;

a. Facebook Advertising
b. Facebook Fan Page Growth(Like “Ads” Advertising)
c. Twitter Advertising i.e. Promoted Tweets & Promoted Accounts
d. YouTube Advertising
e. Automated Social Media Engagement
f. Website Advertising

Our Goal is to
a. Drive Quality Leads
b. Provide Huge Exposure
c. Increase Website Traffic
d. Run Cost-effective Advertising
e. Accelerate fan growth & engagement

While measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) by monitoring
a. Conversions on website
b. Total website traffic
c. Phone calls to office
d. Total exposure i.e. impressions, reach, increase in fans & engagement
e. And Providing monthly reporting on advertising campaigns performances

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